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Angel the Demoness, Halogram logo, and website contents are copyright 2003-2010 by Ethan A. Cooper except where indicated. Individual comic art pages are copyright 2010 by Jock Hardesty.

Please send us artwork. It'll make us look like we have a larger following than we actually do. Also, please include your copyright on your artwork.

Official Artwork

Click images for larger view.

By Ethan
That shadow looks suspicious.     Angelina in short skirt.     First sketch of Kale.     Sad Angelina.

Angelina in hell outfit.

By Jock
Hell only has a limited selection of clothing...     Never trust a grinning imp.     Watch it...she's got a sword!     I have nightmares about this one.


Fan Art

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By Donovan Odell
Angelina, in the grip of the Fury.     Angelina in all her demonessness.     Don't make her mad.

By Jared von Hindman
Angelina taking up some bad habits...

By NightSlave
Angelina, wounded and broken.

By Aaron Bahlman
Everyone needs a break.

Your artwork could be displayed here too, if you'd just send it to us.



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Buddy Icons

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All characters and names are copyright by Ethan A. Cooper. Individual artwork samples are copyright by the original artists.