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Stephen reads:
The Holy: These comics are saved.
A Miracle of Science - Mad scientist sci-fi. 'Nuff Said.
Megatokyo - Ok, so everybody's heard of it. That's because it's good. Yeah, it is.
8-Bit Theater - It's like crack, only in sprite form.


Angelina Liferot reads:
The Unholy: These comics are damned.
Bob & Skull - Read it now if you want to avoid a dead leg.
Konsekai: Swordwaltzer - You will wait.


The Others: These aren't comics.
Digital Trouble - You don't want none of this trouble.
Infuze Magazine - Art, entertainment, and faith.
Nanowrimo - Everybody should try National Novel Writing Month at least once.
The Zebulun Chamber - Industrial music. Scary art. For the soul.