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Angel the Demoness, Halogram logo, and website contents are copyright 2003-2010 by Ethan A. Cooper except where indicated. Individual comic art pages are copyright 2010 by Jock Hardesty.

The Writer: Ethan A. Cooper


Ethan grew up with an unbridled lust for the written word. As a kid, summers were spent checking out book after book from the library. Somewhere along the line, he discovered comic books. It started out with Transformers and spiraled out of control from there. On the television side of existence, he got addicted to Robotech and really hasn't been the same since.

Back in the days of the BBS, and in-between rounds of Tradewars, he contributed to the serial stories Heartland and K.I.D., both of which died along with the birth of the internet. He is the author of three short stories published in the campy horror compilation Horripilations Unearthed. He has also written two novellas: Nine One Two and Soldiers: A Tale of XX Chromo Warfare.

Currently, Ethan writes for the cyberpunk/horror serial story DOWNfALL (which he will finish before he dies) and for Angel the Demoness.

Oh, and he's married to the girl of his dreams.


The Artist: Jock Hardesty


Influences: Frank Frazetta and Boris Valejo
Favorites While Growing Up: Cyber Force by Image Comics, Excalibur by Marvel, Transformers, and burying Star Wars figures in the backyard.
Likes: MMORPGs, blue cheese dressing, heavy metal, and his wife.
Favorite Color: Is Dark a color?
Dream Job: Making money off his crappy art.