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The Index

The Story
The Characters
  The Unholy
The World

The Story

Angelina, a demoness is sent to Earth where she can't cause Hell as much trouble. Hijinks ensue.


The Characters

Characters will be added to this section as they are introduced.

The Unholy

Angelina Liferot
  Age: Almost ∞, but not quite.
  Hair: Red
  Eyes: Red
  Height: 5' 5"
  Description: Fit and athletic. Bears the mark of Lucifer over her left eye like all Unholy females who don't have the power to corrupt their form and hide the fact that they were originally made in God's image.
  Notes: Details will be filled in as the story unfolds.


The World

The Holy:
Includes God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, and all spiritual beings who did not fall from heaven when Lucifer defied God, taking 1/3 of all the heavenly host with him.

  - The size and shape of an angel’s wings indicates level of power.
  - The color of an angel’s halo indicates an angel’s age.
  - All angels bear the Almighty’s mark on the palm of their right hand.
  - Flight is possible for all angels, regardless of wing size.
  - Have the ability to use flaming swords.
  - Cannot directly influence humanity to do good.
  - Are strengthened by prayer to the Almighty

  - Cherub
  - Seraph
  - Guardian
  - Archangel
  - Deathangel

The Unholy: Includes Lucifer and all heavenly beings who fell from heaven when Lucifer rebelled against God the Father.

  - The size and shape of a demon’s wings indicate level of power
  - The size of a demon’s horns and tail length indicate age.
  - Females bear Lucifer’s brand on their left cheek, males on their right. This mark is only visible on those of the Unholy who have not been able to discard the image of God from their physical/spiritual form. Once a minion of the Unholy reaches a certain level of power, the are able to corrupt their physical/spiritual form to a more hideous representation. With these representations, the mark of Lucifer is no longer necessarry.
  - Male horns point upward, while female horns point downward.
  - If wings are big enough, flight is possible.
  - Can possess members of humanity if the human is a willing participant.
  - Can influence humanity by either digging into their minds, or by whispering in their ear.
  - Are strengthened by prayer to Lucifer.

  - Imp
  - Fiend
  - Demon/Demoness
  - Devil
  - Archdemon
  - Deathdemon

Humanity: Includes all mortal beings who inhabit the planet Earth. Humanity can be further subdivided into two groups: the Saved and the Damned. Saved include only those who have accepted Christ’s sacrifice. There is no middle ground when it comes to humanity—if you are not Saved, you are Damned.

  - No specific powers, but have something that the other two factions don’t have: free will.
  - Can influence the spiritual battle by way of prayer.

Dwelling place of the Almighty and the forces of the Holy.
Hell: Dwelling place of Lucifer and the forces of the Unholy.
Earth: Dwelling place of Humanity. Lucifer is the ruler of this planet.
The Abyss: Where dead demons are sent. They are taken out of play, and cannot participate in the final battle.
The Abode: Where dead angels are sent when slain. They are taken out of play until after the final battle.

  - Spiritual beings are not omniscient, nor omnipresent. Thus, they only know what they are told. Neither angels nor demons know the grand scheme of their leaders. For the most part, only archangels are allowed to converse directly with the Almighty. The same is true of the Unholy, with only archdemons being in contact with Lucifer.